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Radulovic, Joie de Vivre, Juin 2006

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Radulovic, Joie de Vivre, Juin 2006  Empty Radulovic, Joie de Vivre, Juin 2006

Message  NemanjaFan Lun 26 Juil - 15:15

Joie de vivre, the joy of Nemanja

(June 05, 2006)

His wild curly hair flings into the air as he tosses his head with each vigorous stroke. Broken horsehairs trail his bow as he manically saws into his violin. His lips beam wide with the unadulterated delight of a lad letting loose a cascade of brilliant notes. With his eyes closed, he sees with his mind’s eye his pyrotechnics illuminating the lives of those who hear. It’s Nemanja time once again in Manila.

Nemanja Radulovic is a tongue-twisting name Filipino culturati have come know well. Nemanja, to our ears, means effortless virtuosity, sincere passion and infectious joy. Nemanja is classical made cool, not by any gimmickry, but by sheer gusto and overwhelming brilliance.

Pianist Dominique Plancade
accompanies Radulovic as
they stir audiences with
their virtuosity.

Radulovic graced the Philippines for the third year in a row on May 26 and 27 when he performed at the Philam Life Theater with pianist Dominique Plancade for French Spring 2006. Radulovic and Plancade performed Giuseppe Tartini’s “Devil’s Trill” sonata for violin; Peter Tchaikovsky’s “Souvenir of a Beloved Place” for violin and piano Opus 42; Béla Bartók’s “Dance Rumanian;” Sergei Prokofiev’s “Sonata No. 2” (based on flute sonata in D) Opus 94a; Jules Massenet’s “Meditation;” Henri Wieniawski “Theme Original Variation Opus 15;” as well as an encore from Antonio Vivaldi.

It was a repertoire that aimed to please. The dazzling pyrotechnics called for by “Devil’s Trill” with its fiendishly difficult rapid-fire double-stop quavering strokes necessitates a virtuoso at par with its creator Tartini. Radulovic combined heartfelt verve with effortless mastery. Bartok’s Slavic-inspired music balanced Massenet’s more contemporary composition. And everyone can’t help but love favorites like Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons.”

Despite repeatedly snapping bow strings with his vigorous playing and having to contend with a shoulder rest that fell off, the young man gamely continued to dazzle in good humor. To watch Radulovic perform is to witness a man enjoying himself with his music. His ecstasy is yours as well. First seen in Manila at the age of 19, local music enthusiasts are witnessing a virtuoso coming of age.

The joy that shines on Radulovic’s face hardly reflects this 21-year-old man’s war-torn childhood. Born in Yugoslavia on October 18, 1985. He honed his skills and recorded his concerts for radio and television during the atrocious Balkan conflict in the early 1990’s. By 1999, he had performed over 600 concerts. Besides studying at Belgrade’s Faculty of Art and Music, he also attended the Saalandes Hochschule for Music and Theater in Saarbrucken in Germany. He moved to France at age 14 to train under Patrice Fontanarosa at the National Conservatoire Superieur of Music in Paris. He attended master classes by Yehudi Menuhin, Joshua Epstein, and Dejan Mihailovic and advanced studies by Salvatore Accardo at the Academy Walter Stauffer in Cremona, Italy.

The young man has reaped award upon award: Joachim, Hannover 2003, 1er Grand Prix Georges Enesco 2001, Romania, 1st Grand Prix et 2 Prix Specials from Jury Antonio Stradivarius 2001, Italy, 2nd Grand Prix (1st Prix non attribute) Yehudi Menuhin 1998, France, 1st Prix Stresa 1995, Italy, 1st Prix Since the year 2000, he has performed regularly in recital with harpist Marielle Nordman, Susan Manoff and Dominique Plancade.

His masterful interpretation of Beethoven’s concerto for violin and orchestra at the 2002 edition of France’s Chaise-Dieu Festival opened the way for this young virtuoso to some of the world’s most renowned music festivals. Reinvited for two concerts in 2003, he received an ovation for his interpretation of the Concerto by Tchaikovski with the Ukraine National Orchestra under the direction of Mr. Dyadura. As a soloist with orchestra or in recital concerts, he performs in the major concert venues of France: Theâtre des Champs-Elysées, Theâtre Mogador and internationally: Music Center Frits Philipps in Eindhoven, Holland); Symphony Hall in Osaka, Japan; Ukraine National Philharmonic Orchestra, Kiev.

Today, he is a much sought-after performer acknowledged as one of the world’s best.

We saw him first as a young genius. Now we behold a ripening master. Seasons come and go. But we here in Manila hope to see more of Nemanja Radulovic at next year’s French Spring.

- Rome Jorge


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